Origins of the Band


Our Story

The Michiana Concert Band is celebrating over 30 years of service in the Michiana area. Originally, the band was named "Michiana Alumni Concert Band" and began in 1985 with only 15 musicians who were alumni of local high schools. After several years the band grew to more than 30 members. To better represent the community, the band renamed itself to the "Michiana Concert Band.


Want to join us?

MCB is an all volunteer organization and membership is open to musicians who have participated in high school or college bands. There are no monthly or yearly dues and we are always looking for musicians who love to play and are interested in further developing their musical talents.


Thank you!

We at Michiana Concert Band would like to thank each of you, who help support the band with your donations and time. This band would not be able to continue without your generous gifts. If you would like to join our band or would like more information about us, please e-mail